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Mardi Gras in Branson 2005

"It's all about the beads!"

Comments coming very soon!  We had a blast in Branson this weekend!  Some photos and other comments will be up here in a few days.

If you are checking this as a result of the Mardi Gras in Branson weekend, Please seriously consider joining the CFMA and help support the movement to preserve the Cajun Heritage and Culture! BEFORE it's too late!!! thanks!

Thanks for the Lessons, Gary!

I'm trying TO "NOT SPILL THE WATER"!!!  G&G- LOL!!!

(I have to recover from the chemo for a few days before I can sit here and remember the conversations and experiences we shared with so many wonderful and nice people.  Note:  I'm still down in energy but expect a slow and steady return to normal as my Hemoglobin count increases over the next few months. 

Thanks for all who have prayed for a successful treatment and a speedy recovery. )

Thanks to all who  shared a little bit of their life with us this weekend!  You know who you are!

Merci Beaucoup Mon Amis!


Fest For All 2005

Evidently planners and schedulers of the entertainment this year were NOT fans of Cajun, and Folk Music, or of Middle Eastern Belly Dancing.  They were terribly ill-equipped to facilitate the entertainers in all venues they chose to present.

Baton Rouge blew it big time on Fest for All entertainment this year. The big stages at either end of the Blvd had all power and sound, while the stage (if you can call it a stage)  in the middle, had three small tents under which the musicians were supposed to perform with no amplification! The Lagniappe Stage had no Microphones, Speakers or Amplifiers.  This is where the Heritage / Cajun Bands were scheduled to play!

Now with this said,  The unplugged version of the bands was a fantastic show for the half dozen or so persons who could get close enough to actually hear what was being played.  Cedric Watson, D'Jalma Garnier, and Jeffery Broussard were a real hit followed by Wilson Savoy, Cedric Watson and an un-named drummer.  At one point Cedric, D'Jalma, Jeffery, and Wilson were all playing fiddle in what had to be the best treat of the whole event. WOW!!!  Baton Rouge coordinators did not do justice to this place they called a "Stage".  The organizers get a major Big fat F for their futile attempts to present a stage for heritage entertainment.


Sunday April 17, 2005

Baton Rouge Earth Day

A Terrific Success!

We had 9 new members sign up for membership in the CFMA at the CFMA Booth on Earth Day!

A special Thanks to Tiffani Cravens for booking Savoir Fairé and Geno Delafose.

Downtown Baton Rouge came alive like no other time in history. 

The Heritage Stage had 4 to 5 times the crowd that the "Headliner" Stage had during the afternoon.  What does that tell you Baton Rouge!!

South Louisiana appreciates it's heritage!   We should do more about guaranteeing that Baton Rouge show's it's support for S. LA bands and music!

Louisiana Heritage Stage:

featuring Baton Rouge's own

Dennis Boudreaux & Savoir Fairé avec Paul Daigle

Co-Sponsored by the Cajun French Music Association


 Geno Delafose and the French Rockin Boogie

Free Dance lessons, from 12 -1 pm -» Heritage Stage

Brought to you by Les Danseurs de la Capitale de Baton Rouge


Train To End Strokes Fishing Marathon - National Stroke Association


And we all passed a good time at the

The 18th Annual CFMA Baton Rouge Chapter's

  Cajun Day Festival

Saturday, April 2nd!

»» CFMA Cajun Day Festival Official Flyer ««

 »» Printable Flyer ««

Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez!

and the Good Times did ROLL!!

Thanks to all of the unsung heroes who worked so hard behind the scenes and made this such a wonderful event!  We also want to send a special thanks to the sponsors who provided the terrific Cajun Music we all love so dearly, and last but certainly not least, Thanks also to all the CFMA Chapters members that drove the distance to attend. 

 Merci Beaucoup!

A photo CD will be available for purchase, soon.

Also, If you have photos you would like to have included on this CD notify me below.

Email me if you would like a copy of the CD.


The Catfish Festival in Washington, LA was one of the places to be this weekend.  The Saturday lineup started with Curley Taylor, followed by Steve Reilly, then Geno Delafose and closing with Keith Frank.  There is not any place that you will  find this much talent on one stage in the same day except at the Catfish Festival and the LA Wildlife and White-Tail Festival, also held in Washington, LA in September.  Kudos to Mayor Joseph Pitre, Town Clerk Linda Gaspard, and Assistant Town Clerk Patsy Fontenot,  and their staff for another excellent job with this years Catfish Festival.  

We got to visit with a lot of friends that we haven't seen since the end of last Festival season and dance our hearts out!  Wow- what a great day- weather was great, people were great, music was great and another "State of the Art Dance Floor" this year as well!!!  We had a blast!

Broadmoor Methodist Church hosted Savoir Fairé to play for their Saturday night Cajun Dance!

When: Saturday, Feb 26:  8pm ~ Midnight  Admission: $7/ea ~ includes Gumbo and soft drinks.

The Dance was a great success!  Lots of Fun and good food.  Savoir Fairé performed just as we have learned to expect- high energy and terrific musicianship.  There cannot be a better Cajun Band in the State of Louisiana playing what they play any better than Dennis, Paul, Walt and Mark.  Each person excels at their perspective position. (Thanks guys for honoring our request to play the best rendition of the Bosco Stomp currently being played anywhere in the Great State of Louisiana.  You guys ROCK!  No one plays The Bosco Stomp as good as you do.)  The dance was well attended and everyone passed a good time, ya!  There is a rumor they might repeat this dance again on April 1st.  Check back to see if it turns out to be true.   Hi to all those who took dance classes with us and a special thanks go to Tom L. for his tutelage of those wishing to learn more. 

Our Weekend Report:

Abita Springs: (Feb 19, 2005) Our first time to the Abita Springs Town Hall Dance put on by the North Shore Dancers was a great time.  The overall experience was fabulous.  Hi to Mr. Bill, Kathy & Pete, Carol, Will, Ethyl & Ed, John, Mary, and others too numerous for me to remember.  As usual, Jay Cormier and his band was energetic and right on the beat -Thanks guys for the Bosco Stomp and the Lover's Waltz!


Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys (Feb 18,2005) are coming to Baton Rouge, CFMA dance Friday night!  come Join the party. Lessons from 7:00 to 7:45pm Dance begins @ 8pm.  Attendance was over 150, with between 60 & 80 left at 10:45 when the band finished; another great time.  Kevin and the band were outstanding as usual!  Thanks guys!


We are so blessed with wonderful friends!

    What special people we meet when we attend events throughout South LA!  Monday, just before we were scheduled to leave for Lafayette, a couple we met in Plaisance, the Lees, stopped by to fulfill a promise they made.  The Lees dropped by to give us a copy of tape they made of their trip to the 22nd Annual Original Southwest Zydeco Music Festival in Plaisance, LA back on September 4th.  They enjoyed our dancing and wanted to share their memories of the event with us.

Thank You Don & Brenda!  We are so Blessed to have friends like you!

Besides our love of the dance, the pure JOY that is introduced into our life through Him, is exemplified through the company we keep and the new friends we make, while we are out just having fun.  We meet the most warm and friendly people that exist on the face of this earth.  Events like this remind me of exactly why we are on this planet, loving life and all it has to offer.

  Thank you Lord!  We are always sustained and blessed.  (Can I have an Amen here?)- Amen!


Eunice Mardi Gras

A great line-up of bands in the Mardi Gras Capitol of the world!  Click here for Eunice Website


Lafayette Cajun Field Mardi Gras Festival

We were fortunate to make the Lafayette Cajun Field Mardi Gras Festival Sunday, Feb.6.  Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble performed in the early afternoon followed by the high energy Cajun Band - T-Sole.  These guys are really a treat to listen to and of course to dance to as well.   Winky and Chicken were there as well proudly supporting their talented sons on stage with T-Sole, while taking turns and sometimes sharing the dance with their grand-baby.  The cloudy skies, Super bowl XXXIX, and other Mardi Gras celebrations must have split the crowd many ways because of the slim turnout for such a worthwhile event.


Mardi Gras Dance in Baton Rouge: Report Attendance: 200

The CFMA Mardi Gras dance is this Friday, Feb 4, 2005 featuring Savoir Fairé avec Paul Daigle.  This is going to be a great place to be on this Friday Night.  A nice surprise exists for those who attend the dance which will be located at the Fraternal Order of Police Hall (FOP for short) 10777 Greenwell Springs Road (¼ mile west of Sherwood Forest intersection).  There will be a costume contest and a performance by our own dance troupe - Les Danseurs de la Capitol de Baton Rouge.  A great party with friendly people cannot be topped by any other event occurring in BR this evening!

See you there!!!   Starts at 7pm with free dance lessons and the band begins at 8pm.  Food and drink are available.  Event ends at 10:30pm but may extend to near 11pm unless the controllers of the "light" decide to illuminate the hall.  (Boo......)


Lost Bayou Ramblers:  A Hit in Baton Rouge!

The Lost Bayou Ramblers were very well received at the CFMA Friday night dance Jan 28th.  The sounds of the grass roots Cajun Band were very authentic and energetic.  Adding in just a touch of swing music, the LB Ramblers exhibited their talent and thoroughly entertained the crowd who stayed to the very end when those dreaded lights came on indicating the last dance.  Thanks to the Lost Bayou Ramblers for a wonderful time with great entertainment!


Louisiana Folk Roots Festival- Ville Platte, La - Jan.22, 2005

We attended the Louisiana Folk Roots Festival yesterday, Jan 22, in Ville Platte, LA and were very honored to be in the presence of so many people dedicated to preserving the French and Creole culture in Louisiana.  We got a late start and missed the first two of five bands, but the ones we heard and danced to were great.  The Magnolia Sisters were an amazing and very talented group of ladies with great harmonizing vocals and twin fiddles.  We also appreciated the meanings, stories and explanations for the songs they performed.  Thanks Ladies!  

The next (the 4th for the day) band was a new organization of very talented musicians - rich in history and tradition- Creole Cowboys.  They were also a wonderful experience to behold.  High-energy can only begin to describe their stage presence in this Ville Platte Civic Center.  Dancing to both Cajun and Zydeco sounds was a delight, not to mention mildly tiring.  The average break between their songs was often less that 15 seconds.  I definitely had to change shirts more than once during their performance.  We look forward to the possibility of their playing in Baton Rouge at our CFMA -Friday night dance.   I agree that these guys have a great future in the Cajun / Zydeco venues.  We both loved it,  Thanks Creole Cowboys!!!

The last band of the evening was T-Sole.  We only got to listen to the very beginning of their performance when it was time to make tracks back to the house, but we did enjoy our dance to their Cajun music.

We hope to be able to keep this page updated with reports of our festival experiences in the upcoming season;  so check back often. Mike & Liz


Slim's Y-KiKi News Years Festival by Ray Carrier, Opelousas, La. , Jan.1, 2005

Our latest outing brought us to Slim's Y-Ki-Ki where we danced to Geno, Curley, Ray Carrier's son and others.  One item of note was that the published entrance cover of $10 was upped to $12 at the door with something muttered about someone didn't get the update out.  This meant about an extra thousand dollars to the promoter, Mr. Ray Carrier.  His comment: "What's another two dollars gonna hurt?"


22nd Annual Original Southwest Zydeco Music Festival

We attended the 22nd Annual Original Southwest Zydeco Music Festival, where we had a wonderful time dancing, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  The following day we drove over to Mire, LA, where we were fed and treated to great evening of entertainment at Thomas Fields' Annual Fan Appreciation Party

We wish to say HELLO to all the wonderful people we met this weekend and a Special Thanks to Mr. Thomas "Big Hat" Fields and his Foot Stompin' Zydeco Band for throwing such a Great Party.

Thanks to Don & Brenda, who's willing to share their memories with us.  And a few words of encouragement to our Austin friends -